Residential and Commercial Decorative Finishes

Architectural Painting and Renovation specializes in designing and creating innovative and exquisite surface treatments for walls, ceilings, floors, cabinetry, glass, furniture and interior accessories. APR can creatively apply the classic and modern arts they have mastered to transform ordinary rooms into inviting, expressive spaces that reflect your individual tastes.

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Decorative Finish Services

Venetian Plaster

APR has perfected the Venetian plastering technique - layers of plaster, applied by hand with a knife and then given a distressed antique patina or a crisp, clean high polished sheen, depending on the look desired. This technique is a sophisticated and distinguished alternative to painting and wall coverings that a number of our clients have been absolutely delighted with.

Cabinet Finishes

APR specializes in refinishing cabinets in a variety of styles, giving existing kitchens and pantries an updated, modern appearance without the expense of total replacement.

Faux Finishes

APR offers exceptional faux finishing methods capable of transforming rooms into distinguished works of art through recreating the look and feel of many types of natural materials and classic finishes. They are extremely skilled at replicating the effects of aged plaster, distressed and stained paint, wood, limestone and marble.


The professionals at APR are well-versed in many gilding techniques as a method of decorating art and architectural works with thin metal leaf, either in 24 karat gold, silver, copper, aluminum or brass. This finish brings profound detail to architectural elements including moldings, ornaments, cabinetry, wall surfaces and ceilings.

Custom Stenciling

The artists of APR can take your interior design to new heights with stenciled patterns in bas-relief, gold leaf, metallics, even crystals that can be applied to Venetian Plaster, walls and furniture. APR can create bold Modern, Moroccan or Neoclassical elegant and sophisticated themes. Whatever your style is APR can interpret and bring this popular decoration tastefully into your space.

Architectural Applied Ornament

The design of a space can be greatly enhanced with architectural and decorative applied ornament. For this, APR utilizes custom molds or a selection of numerous designs of superb quality to create accents or paneled walls adding dimension and character for custom design work and historical restoration. Wondrous architectural effects can be accomplished with this special form of decoration!

Murals and Custom Hand Painting

APR can create imaginative illusions with wall murals and trompe l'oeil  for ceilings, walls, floors, rugs and borders. The artists of APR are skilled in hand painting and stenciling to achieve these illusions in paint and Venetian Plaster.  Any style you’re looking for, Art Deco, Neoclassical, Modern, Botanical or Whimsical can be achieved. You name it, we paint it!

Before and after view of decorative faux finish on a client's ceiling.

The Experience of an APR Client

From the moment we met Jonathan and Alene Pettus, we knew we did the right thing. When they arrived at our home, on time I might add, they were friendly and professional. We immediately understood the vast amount of knowledge and experience they have in a variety of areas of home design and construction. We initially met with them to have all the woodwork in our house stripped and refinished a different stain color. They examined our situation carefully and came up with a far superior solution which actually saved us a significant amount of money. Did I say how right they were and how amazingly beautiful it looks?

From there, we engaged them to do some very artistic painting in our home on the Bay in Sarasota. They offered creative ideas that have made our home unique and more beautiful than we could have imagined. One of their specialties is the ancient art of Venetian Plastering. They suggested a coloration on a high domed ceiling in our very large kitchen that to us looks like the sea. We love it every day.

While their knowledge of painting and finishing is vast, creative, and artistic, they have many other talents. Jonathan, for example, is a great carpenter. I should also note that at the conclusion of a significant amount of painting projects they completed at our home, they provided an organized notebook categorized by room, color, and finish, along with samples of each paint used. This beats rustling through your garage and trying to read paint cans and hoping you’re picking the color that was used some years ago.

Another invaluable service they have provided to us is the referral of other good and reliable contractors. They have been doing this a long time and have been able to weed through the good ones and the bad ones. Every person or company they have recommended that has done work for us has been excellent. Also, they notice things! For example, Jon made an observation about water runoff that I never would have picked up on. He made a suggestion for its correction and completed it perfectly.

They are trustworthy, do what they say they are going to do, and they always have your back. They did most of the work for us while we were absent from our home from long distance. They constantly kept us in the loop by sending photographs and keeping us apprised of their progress. And one of the best parts… They are about the nicest people you will ever meet.
— R.L., Sarasota homeowner